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We are Ontartika, a web design agency that specialises in building unique and engaging web experiences for both new and established businesses and organisations.


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Why Ontartika

Website design is a big deal that should not be treated lightly. A well-designed website may help you make a strong first impression on potential consumers. It may also assist you in nurturing your leads and increasing conversions.

But, more significantly, it gives a nice user experience and makes it easier for your website visitors to access and browse your website.

So, if you’re looking for designers to build your website, we are ready to help.
We also focus on creating user-friendly and accessible websites.

If you currently have a website, we can always perform a site audit and optimize it to improve user experience and accessibility.

Brand importance

Brand guidelines

The goal of brand standards is to assist guarantee that your brand is delivered appropriately internally and consistently to your target audience. You may establish a distinctly recognised brand identity to stand out from rivals and remain remembered in the thoughts of consumers by closely sticking to brand rules.

Brand rules should be communicated and understood throughout the organisation. Even a single incorrectly applied logo may harm a brand’s reputation for quality and professionalism. A brand guide with all of the brand information is a wonderful concept. This might provide more detailed material like website designs, advertising and editorial rules, and tips on social media branding and color psychology.

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